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HNI Offers Career Advice for Those Seeking Construction Management Jobs

Changing workplaces can be full of emotion, but choosing the right construction management job with the right company, at the right time, takes some clear thought. Applying some of the following principals to the process of changing careers will help guide you through this exciting time with a thought-out approach.


Whether you are interviewing on your own or you are working with an employment advisor, you need to be secure that your job search is kept confidential. Most companies keep their interactions with potential employees confidential, but if you are using an employment advisor, insist that they only share your information with companies you agree to and that they have a confidentiality agreement with the company.

A Trusted Employment Advisor:

Develop a relationship with a trusted employment advisor who looks to fulfill your needs on your terms. Most construction management positions are not advertised and a good employment advisor will have well-established relationships in the industry, giving them a good sense of who is looking for what kind of employee. Remember that a good employment advisor will not use the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” method by sending out your resume to everyone and posting it everywhere. A good advisor arranges meetings by matching the needs of potential employees and employers.

Issue Resolution:

If you are thinking of changing careers because of an issue with an individual or workplace practices, try and resolve those issues first. Arriving at a resolution with a difficult person or situation will allow you to better assess your current position and decide if a move is right for you at that particular time.

Chasing Money:

Changing jobs strictly for money rarely leads to long-term job satisfaction. If you are only chasing the dollar, you eventually reach the limit of what employers are willing to pay for a certain skill set. On the other hand, taking a job that offers better opportunity to build your construction management career can lead to a much higher salary in the long run. Look at the total package of compensation, specialized training, growth potential, etc.


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