The construction industry is big in Canada; it represents billions of dollars to the economy and employs thousands of people in multiple sectors. However large it is though, it definitely fits in the “small world” category when it comes to who works where and what kind of projects they’re working on. While there are a multitude of sectors out there, there’s only a few companies specific to each one making it certain that everyone knows everyone. That’s why it’s important to think long-term and keep up good relations with all construction employers past and present.

Familiarity in a “small-world industry” like construction means that construction professionals are likely to know many of their ‘competitors’ and cross paths multiple times throughout their careers. If construction is so huge though, then how can everyone know each other? Let’s say, for example, you’re a construction project manager who works on massive public works projects. Well, how many construction companies are capable of working on those kinds of projects? Only a handful and you probably know all of them and at least one person who works there. And, just as you are aware of the companies out there, they are likely to know coveted professionals in their industry.

In this everybody-knows-everybody environment, you’d think advancing your construction managementcareer would be straight-forward then. Not necessarily, because while you may know the players, you don’t necessarily know their goals, needs and timing. It’s for this reason that partnering with a good construction recruitment specialist who has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry can pay large dividends.

A good construction recruitment advisor has spent considerable time establishing relationships with employers and know what kind of needs they have and when. With this valuable information in mind they will honestly, objectively and confidentially assess your skills, needs and wants to see if there is a match with a potential employer. This understanding of what both parties are interested in lies at the heart of what makes an employment advisor credible and successful. The sweet spot is only achieved when both parties are satisfied with each other. Failure to consider the needs of both employer and construction professional ensures that the recruiter won’t make matches and won’t be in business for long.

When you are ready to make a move or interested in seeing what construction management job opportunities are out there contact and construction recruitment specialist with a good reputation in the business. Leveraging their knowledge can help within the small world of Canadian construction.