February 28, 2017 – Toronto, ON –The construction industry is booming and expanding in all major cities across Canada, allowing for new and exciting construction management positions. Although seeing a high-rise go up can be an apt metaphor for growth and prosperity of a nation, the construction recruitment specialists at Harbinger Network believe it is a metaphor for personal growth as well. Harbinger Network has years of experience helping professionals find, keep and prosper in careers within the construction industry.

Harbinger Network’s Executive Vice, President Albert Aragona, recently wrote a piece for the Builder’s Digest Weighing In segment where he focused on the capable young minds entering construction management positions in Toronto and elsewhere. As a member of the Young Construction Leader’s Committee, Albert Aragona has firsthand experience with the excited youth dreaming of building careers in construction. He is grateful for the industry for providing him with many opportunities and is happy yet again for the opportunity to give back.

Construction Management Positions Toronto

Pleased with the creativity and passion he sees in the next generation of new professionals, Albert has no doubts the future of construction will reach new heights. The exposure young construction professionals get is a great opportunity for them to see the wide and varied career paths open to them. It is also a wonderful networking catalyst that lets future colleagues rub shoulders early on. As for the future leaders in construction he states, “the next generation of bright, young minds leaves me certain that the industry’s in good hands”.

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