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You are a company looking to add to your team. Sifting through countless resumes is a route that you know will waste your time and not yield the kind of individual...

You are a talented professional and you are ready for the next step in your career. You’ve got solid experience and impeccable references..

Privacy and discretion are of extreme importance to you and you don’t want your resume plastered all over Canada. But you wanted to explore what could be out there for you.

"It was a pleasure speaking with you in regards to my employment status and looking for opportunities. I am extremely appreciative of the time you spent with me and the advice you offered. I am certain that with the positive approaches you recommended to me that finding and landing an opportunity will not be a problem. I wish you the best in your future endeavours; you really are excellent at what you do. I only hope that I continue to find positive, reinforcing people like yourself in my searches"

PD - Executive Facilities Manager

"I am very happy with my decision. The company I am now working with has values that are exactly what I needed. I am happy to say that I have fun and love working again. Every day I feel useful and adequately challenged in my work to make it interesting."

MB - Estimator ICI Buildings Ottawa

"The position encompasses all of my current and previous skill sets from a long tenure in the IT field, as well as my construction estimating and project management experience. There are maybe one in a million jobs that would allow this type of cross skill concatenation of these two unique worlds. Somehow, you managed to find just that on my behalf. You found me not only a new job, but a very exciting career in a terrific/excellent company! I am eternally grateful. You looked at my resume and saw something that many placement firms would never have. It was easy enough to place me in another estimating job, but you saw opportunity beyond that and worked your magic"

EK - Database Co-ordinator MECHANICAL

"Harbinger Network understands people and how to find the best fit possible for them when it comes to their career. Harbinger Network can provide good sound advice and show that they have you as their #1 interest."

RS - Superintendent ICI

"The team at Harbinger Network were committed in strategically connecting me with reputable employers. They understood the importance of building my career, and not simply placing me in a job."

TW - Project Coordinator

"HIRED2 connected very well with the others and we are all excited for her to join the team. HIRED2 and HIRED1 have been great additions to the accounting team, thanks for them."

NM - VP HR & Organizational Development

“Thank you so much for the Offer letter from your client. I have to thank both of you for trusting and supporting me throughout this whole process. Thanks to both of you again.”

YK - Estimator

“I appreciate your efforts, support and patience with my decision. Looking forward to it! A guy like you changed my family's life when we stayed in Canada for good, and surely this one will be better.”

JD - Project Manager

“It felt like you had come to my rescue after about 2 1/2 months of being ignored in my attempts to find a position at a reputable company. The process with you was quick, efficient and painless. After a phone conversation, you were able to assess my talents and found a good home for me. Thank you.”

RB - Estimator

“You have been integral to my current transition. Our first conversation was informal and was constructed in a way which would ensure that you put me in front of a client that would be a good fit - both personally and professionally. As someone who wasn't initially looking to make a switch, you made me feel comfortable while valuing my time while presenting only great opportunities.”

SF - Chief Estimator

“I will most certainly provide my recommendation to utilize Harbinger should I come across anyone looking for a career change and or employment. Have a great day and by all means I will be in touch.”

AP - Assistant Superintendent

“You both really made this huge step for me a great experience and I will definitely be letting people know how great it was. Thank you for putting your faith in me.”

AT - Assistant Finishing Superintendent

“I really appreciate you assisting me in this process of moving jobs. The most difficult part of it was simply making the choice to “go for it”. The rest was relatively easy with your help, and even the things I thought would be a challenge, weren't. I’ll be in touch to let you know how things are going and feel free to reach out to me to say hi as well. Many many thanks again!”

AT - Accounts Payable Specialist

“Thank YOU for getting me this job, I am super happy.”

MM- Accounts Payable Associate

“Thank you for all your assistance. It was a very smooth and professional process. I am very confident that we have selected the perfect person to join the team.”

RB - Director, Customer Service

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Harbinger Network has an outstanding and proven track record of placing professionals in management positions with the most sought-after companies across Canada. Whatever your hiring or employment goals may be, Harbinger Network and its Network of Recruitment Specialists will partner with you to help achieve your objectives. We partner with well-known, established companies as well as emerging companies of all sizes.

Our Team

Our team of Recruitment Specialists is knowledgeable and expert in over 10 major disciplines. Whether your needs lie in Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Engineering, Energy, Human Resources, Information Systems & Technology, Legal and Administration, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Real Estate & Architecture, our Client Development Executives and Recruitment Advisors partner with you to introduce you to reputable, stable as well as emerging companies and individuals.

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