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HNiExecutive/Retained - Why our Clients use it

The difficulty level in attracting top talent has continued to become more challenging over time and requires dedicated resources to ensure a thorough strategic approach is taken to the marketplace in order to find key personnel. This approach is most effective when looking for senior to executive candidates or to fill any niche positions.

Our Approach

  • We meet with each Client to understand the specific requirements, develop a thorough job description of what the requirements for the position entails and determine their preferred target companies.
  • We don’t believe in pulling anyone out of a happy home and rather see who is interested in the next step in their career. This approach may take slightly longer but leads to a much better "fit" down the road.
  • We have in-depth experience and a number of strategic relationships that we leverage within our database of industry-specific personnel. We meet each candidate we present to validate their background and skills as well as to determine their cultural fit with your work environment.
  • Interested candidates receive exclusive access to your opportunity first.
  • Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be part of our approach.
  • Clients will have access to our portal for the pipeline of the job where they see up-to-date progress at any time with their own login. A designated Client Development Executive will work closely with each Client to provide updates on the search progress and provide market feedback on different responses from the candidates.
  • When you engage our services, we become partners in your search for the right candidate. We will represent your company brand to potential candidates as enthusiastically as you would represent it yourself.
  • At the end of each Retained Search, we send Clients a Summary of Recruitment process along with candidate information and feedback.

Is HNiExecutive/Retained Right for your Business?

If you're looking to fill roles of high level of technical skills, executive roles, or any position where the availability of talent is considered low, a Retained Search may be the best option for you.

Reach out to our Leadership team today to discuss the details of your search.

Tony Labora
Founder and President
Albert Aragona
Partner and Executive Vice President

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