Founder & CEO HNi Construction Recruitment Agency

Tony Labora
Founder and President
Tony has been a business and thought leader in the construction recruitment sector for more than 20 years. Tony honed his recruitment and business skills through the ground-up building of one of Canada's largest recruitment agencies which was later acquired by a large international firm. Tony founded the Harbinger Network Inc., in 2010 with a singular focus on recruitment for the construction industry. With a team of dedicated construction recruitment specialists, Harbinger Network is viewed by many in the construction industry as an indispensable partner. Tony is a graduate of George Brown College's Business Administration program, a member of the Humber College Trades and Technology Committee, an active member of the Toronto Construction Association and of the Canadian Construction Association. Tony is a married father of two children and is active in his community supporting various charitable organizations.


Managing Partner & President HNi Construction Recruitment Agency

Albert Aragona
Partner and Executive Vice President
Albert has developed his recruitment and business management skills by maintaining a core focus on the Construction & Engineering Market for almost a decade. As a member of the Executive Team for an emerging Canadian recruitment company, Albert was a key component in building a sustainable recruitment business which was later acquired by a large, international recruiting firm. In addition to a strong business acumen, Albert maintains a number of lasting relationships and friendships within the ICI, Civil, Residential and Sub Contractor community throughout Canada. As partner, Albert's mix of practical and corporate experience positions Harbinger Network as a force in Canadian construction recruiting. Throughout his career, Albert has also maintained an active involvement with the Toronto Construction Association (TCA) and is a Committee member of the Young Construction Executive Committee (YCEC) since 2006. Albert is a married father of one child and enjoys a round of golf to relax.



David Hough
Senior Construction Recruitment Advisor - Mechanical & Electrical Specialist
Dave has been a recruitment specialist for more than 7 years focussing exclusively on construction and construction related industries. He has been a key contributor to some of Canada’s most prestigious construction projects by introducing some of the industry’s best talent to these opportunities. With Harbinger Network, David is exclusively focused within the Mechanical and Electrical Construction Sector. His clients are some of Canadas most reputable Sub-Contractor and General Contractors who look to us to provide some the industry’s best talent. Some common careers David will help build are (Mechanical & Electrical) Project Managers, Estimators, AutoCAD (BIM) Operators/Managers, HVAC Service Managers, Operation Managers and Construction Executives. Feel free to contact David if you are looking to advance your M/E career.



Nick Palmieri
Construction Recruitment Advisor - ICI Specialist
Nick graduated from Western University with a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology. With Harbinger Network Inc, Nick is exclusively focused on the Civil Construction Market in Ontario. He has developed deep relationships with various General Contractors and Sub-Contractors who build Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Water Treatment Facilities, Pumping Stations, Dam’s and Underground Utility work. Common careers Nick will help build are (Civil) Project Managers, Estimators, Site Supers, Surveyors, Health Safety & Quality Control Personnel, Foreman, Sales Professionals and Executives. Feel free to contact Nick if you are looking to advance your Civil Construction Career.



Rita Lobao
Construction Recruitment Agent
Rita is a graduate of the University of Calgary with a major in Humanities and a minor in Human Resources. She comes with solid 10 years of Human Resources diverse experience and 4 years of recruiting and is now exclusively focused on the Residential Construction Sector in Ontario. She is developing a strong network of General Contractors, Developers and Sub-Contractors. Her consultative approach allows her to match Construction Executives, Estimators, Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Project Coordinators, Schedulers, Field Engineers, Health & Safety Personnel and Office Admin with top companies looking for outstanding talent. Feel free to contact Rita if you are looking to advance your career within the residential construction sector.



Anthony Magnotta
Construction Recruitment Advisor - Residential Specialist
Anthony is a recruitment specialist within the Residential construction sector in Ontario. He continues to develop relationships with some of Ontario’s best High-Rise (Condo), Low-Rise (Wood Frame), Mid-Rise (Wood & Concrete), high-end Custom Home and Sub-Contractor builders. Common careers Anthony will help build are (Residential) Project Managers, Site Supers, Site Administrators and Clerks, Estimators, Contract Administrators, Customer Care & PDI Personnel. Anthony is well on his way to becoming a leader in the recruitment world. Contact Anthony today and find out how he can help you advance your career within the residential construction sector.



Sabrina Bonnici
Construction Recruitment Advisor - ICI Specialist
Sabrina focuses on top construction talent primarily in the ICI construction sector using her networking skills to harness the construction community of Project Managers, Site Superintendents and Estimators within the general contractors and sub contractors. Some of our major projects include are Hospitals, Schools, Malls, hotels and retail outlets. Here at Harbinger we represent some of the best owners and construction companies in the city who are always looking for enthusiastic individuals looking to advance and grow in their career in many different positions such as accounting, H&S, HR and Administration professionals with a construction background. Great opportunities are not always advertised, so contact Sabrina today to see how we can find the right fit for you!



Marta Holdinova
Temp/Contract Senior Advisor
Marta is a recruitment advisor with more than 5 years of recruiting experience focusing solely on temporary and contract basis positions. Marta is very candidate and client focused. She is dedicated to helping companies find the right talents who are very successful in their areas of experience and come with a great personality, while simultaneously assisting candidates to pursue a career of their dreams. Contact Marta directly to get more information about temporary and contract positions.

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