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Reputable Employment Agency

Harbinger Network has one of the largest active and passive Networks of Professionals. Over 80% of the Professionals we represent to help find a new career with established and emerging companies across Canada are employed. HNi is flattered that so many trust HNi with their new Career search. HNi has learned that regardless of the economy or market, GOOD PEOPLE ARE HARD TO FIND! HNi DOES NOT FIND OUR PROFESSIONALS JOBS - WE FIND OUR PROFESSIONALS A NEW CAREER!

Executive Placement With The Right Companies in Canada

Here are some points you should be aware of to help you understand how we do things when working with HNi:

  • HNi listens to your wants and needs in your next career ie. location, salary expectations, culture, projects and long-term growth.
  • HNi will discuss which companies and markets to consider for you and your career.
  • HNi openly discusses whether your expectations are realistic or not and also shares what your value is in today's market.
  • HNi will not "Email Blast" your resume - but instead will partner with you to strategically approach those businesses of interest - unless of course, you have applied to a specific Job Posting than just that client will be discussed.
  • HNi will keep everything Confidential - our clients even recognize that many of our Professionals are employed, that they too understand and respect to keep all introductions and discussions Confidential.
  • HNi does not represent everyone - skill alone does not get you in the door. Loyalty, personality and long-term thinking combined with your skill makes you a very attractive commodity.

Introducing Talent to Your Company right across Canada?

HNi understands how difficult it is for companies in Canada to attract, hire and retain staff. In fact, it is the one area that prevents companies from growing or sustaining their business. HNi clients recognize and appreciate the effort we put into attracting professionals that fit their business, culture and long-term plans.

In a world where other regions, both locally and internationally, are all fighting for the same talent, here are the methods HNi uses to help attract the talent our clients have benefited from:

  • Referrals - our #1 source for talent
  • Networking - online social networking and in person at various events
  • Internet/Online Marketing - HNi job-board, ads, SEO and much more!


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