It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition for construction management jobs in Toronto. With Toronto property booming, in the residentialcommercial and civil areas, demand for competent managers is also at an all-time high… and there are plenty of people who want those jobs.

You need to leverage every resource at your disposal to ensure that you’re top-of-mind with potential employers.  

Standing Out When Applying for Construction Management Jobs in Toronto

1.Get Known in the Industry

Personal connections are a distinct advantage for anyone looking to move forward in their career. All other things being equal, a potential employer will usually consider someone they know (however superficially) over an unknown quantity. Aside from the connections you may have, if you’re represented by a respected employment advisor, your credibility will get an instant boost in the eyes of most employers. That’s because employment advisors work hard to earn a reputation within the industry for introducing good candidates to their clients. Even if a candidate is not selected, employers appreciate that they have been introduced to someone who is a solid candidate and not a waste of their time.

2. Join Industry Associations

Joining associations or attending industry events can be absolutely invaluable to job-seekers. They are a perfect opportunity to meet influential people, continue education or learn about the latest issues facing a specific sector. Don’t neglect conferences and trade shows, either. They are perfect chances to network. Research from this list of some of the major construction-related associations in Canada:

3. Look for the Match

When preparing for a career opportunity, quality research on the company beforehand can give you a sense of what it will be like to work there beyond what the job description says. Your research will probably begin with Google but don’t let it end there. You can only glean so much from a company website. Working with a respected employment agency can give you more intimate knowledge about a company’s culture, their strategies and the direction in which they are trending. After all, a good employment agent will know much more about a company than most so use that insight to gain a better understanding.

4. Aim for Quality, Not Quantity, In Your Job Search

It’s largely counterproductive to rapid-fire resumes and cover letters to every possible employer. You look desperate and like you can’t manage your career—your credibility is on the line here. Not to mention, this method rarely sees your resume landing in the right hands so most end up filed under “G”. Instead, target your search through research and work with an employment consultant to explore introduction to the type of company you really want to work for.

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