HNi bridges the employment gap with Construction Management jobs in Vancouver
Job concerns have slightly risen globally. The Construction industry seems to outperform the jobs concerns, and with changing times it is proving to be the most rewarding sector for fresh and mature talents in Vancouver and other Canadian cities. Whether you are just starting your construction career or an experienced construction professional of Vancouver, Harbinger Network Inc. Employment Agency is the perfect destination to give your Career a new direction.

Jobs in beautiful diverse Vancouver British Columbia

At HNi we proactively serve our excited, enthusiastic young and mature candidates with a successful future which makes us stand ahead of other agencies in the Canadian marketplace. We continuously interact with leading firms, companies and contractors across Canada that are searching for skilled and talented employees who can understand the needs of construction projects and outperform their business competitors.

Our expert recruiters cover all details and aspects of construction industry needs and aware job seekers about the changing employment trends in Canada and international markets. Browse our Job Board section to get the latest in Construction Jobs in your city.

In the globally challenging economic times, both new and experienced professionals need to focus more to shape their long-performing careers. HNi recruitment experience of over 10 years aims to meet the Career Objectives of Construction Professionals and

  • Find a new Career including Salary, Location, Projects & Career Path
  • Provide FREE qualified advice to Professionals from Entry to Executive levels
  • Maintain candidate networks
  • Primary focus in Commercial, Highways, Bridges, Roads, Public Transportation, Civil, Institutional, Industrial, Infrastructure, Mechanical and Electrical
  • Manage complete recruitment process

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