A recent report by the Toronto Region Board of Trade (TRBOT) entitled: Building Infrastructure, Building Talent puts the spotlight on the need for professional construction jobs in Toronto to work on infrastructure upgrades and new builds in the region in the next 15 years. While the news that the region is going to be short on construction professionals is not new, what’s new is the urgency in addressing the forecast shortage.

According to the report, there are expected to be approximately 147,000 positions available in the construction industry in the next 15 years; 118,000 new positions and about 29,000 retiring workers that need to be replaced. While those numbers represent all jobs in construction, among all those jobs, construction managers (Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Estimators etc.) rank highly in the top 50 jobs that will be needed.

If there are so many construction jobs in Toronto coming down the pipe, how come you never seem to find out who is hiring for what and when? Among the report’s many findings was the need for employers to do a better job of promoting the need for talent for the future and for jobs that are available today. While industry takes steps to address this need, Construction Recruitment Advisors are an excellent source for information on where the jobs are and how to get them. After all, part of a Construction Recruitment Advisor’s value is the fact that through their relationships with employers, they are aware of who is looking to fill positions with top-notch talent.

Another interesting point from the TRBOT report was the fact that more than 60% of the top 50 construction jobs in the next 15 years will require some form of diploma, certificate or apprenticeship. A further 16% on top of that will need extensive post-secondary education. These educational requirements are the reason Construction Recruitment Advisors at Harbinger Network regularly give talks to students in construction programs at local schools. These students are the Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Estimators etc. of the future and we help guide them through the educational requirements and practical training they’ll need to achieve their goals.

These are exciting times of great potential for the construction industry. The provincial and federal governments’ commitment to addressing infrastructure improvement is coming on-line and there will be lots of jobs out there. A good Construction Recruitment Advisor will help you navigate through what’s out there and what could be right for you. For more information on how we can help you find construction jobs in Toronto, contact us at Harbinger Network.