As Canada’s sixth-largest city and fastest-growing area, Mississauga, ON, is becoming a true magnet for employers and the workforce they need. Construction jobs in Mississauga are available in a wide variety of fields and levels of responsibility, making it a great destination for those seeking to advance their career in the construction field.

In recent months, we’ve met with many clients in industrial, commercial, institutional, residential, and civil fields in the Mississauga area, all looking for talent. Based on these conversations, here is a “weather report” for construction careers in Mississauga.  

The 2017 Outlook for Construction Jobs in Mississauga

  1. Residential / High Rise

Right now, there’s a backlog of projects in Mississauga for residential and mixed-used high rises. Companies are scrambling to find enough experienced managers to keep up with the projects which are proposed and underway. We don’t anticipate this sector to slow down for several years at least.

  1. Low Rise/Rural 

Not all growth is focused on the city. Many clients are sitting on banked land, with plans for mid- to large-sized developments in place. This should keep the rural sector moving bullishly for some time to come, and it’s an excellent opportunity for people looking to build new construction careers.

  1. Civil 

Thanks to the rapid growth in Mississauga there are plenty of new projects adding infrastructure, both to make life easier for residents as well as attracting new talent to the area. The civil sector is one where an experienced construction professional could shine.  

  1. Senior Management

The need for intermediate and senior-level positions across the board is at an all-time high for the area. A lack of experienced managers is one of the bottlenecks holding back even more-rapid development. Managers willing to make a move -temporarily or permanently- will find their skills sorely needed and extremely valuable.

  1. High Bidding Levels

Finally, one other trend we’ve noticed: More and more clients are now paying a premium to keep their best talent on-hand. In some cases, this has caused a frenzy of counter offers and bidding on exceptional talent, making this a true “worker’s market” for the best employees.

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