Since approximately 80% of available positions are not advertised or posted on job boards, a specialist construction recruitment advisor can tap into their vast network and relationships with construction companies to expose you to many great opportunities.

Now is the time, while you’re already employed, to meet with a trusted recruitment advisor to explore opportunities that are available and as they come up. Get to know a construction recruitment advisor now, while there is no pressure to find a job, see what’s out there and the exciting opportunities that could be right for you. Let’s look deeper at why working with a construction recruitment advisor makes sense and other frequently asked questions. 

How do I find a reputable construction recruitment agency?

Do your research and talk to friends and colleagues. Ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with recruitment advisors. Do an online search and see what recruiter’s websites tell you.  

Criteria For Finding The Right Construction Recruitment Agency

Do they try to place everyone from nurses to accountants to estimators, or do they focus solely on the construction industry? A singular focus like construction allows that company to put in much more resources into finding opportunities for you. Call them and assess what they are telling you and ask for references. A reputable recruitment company will be known in the industry, involved in the community and have a positive reputation among candidates and clients.


Why are my odds at advancing my career better with a construction recruitment agency than on my own?

Individual networks simply aren’t as large and varied as those of a recruitment agency. Naturally your first step in career advancement is your own network but most people simply don’t have the number of relationships with construction companies that agencies do.  

Why Construction Candidates should use a Construction Recruitment Agency

Since most positions aren’t advertised, and most people only know the ‘big’ names in construction, the potential to be unaware of great opportunities is huge.


Is there a cost to working with a construction recruitment advisor?

No. Finding quality candidates to fill important positions is difficult and a service that construction companies pay for. If a recruitment advisor discusses any fees with you, you are working with the wrong agency/advisor. Services to help you with your career search is FREE!

Signs of Poor Construction Recruitment Agencies


Will my job search be confidential?

A good construction recruitment advisor will completely respect the confidentiality of your information and job search and get approval from you as to how your information is shared and with who.  A good reputation is critical for a recruitment advisor to be trusted by candidates and employers alike.  

In addition, a quality construction recruitment advisor will not post your resume to every client job vacancy and work in collaboration with you the candidate. They will use a targeted approach with your input in hopes of landing that great job.


Do I have to review every possible job out there with a recruitment advisor?

No. A trusted construction recruitment advisor will get to know you and have a good feel for the opportunities you are looking for and present only those ones that are a potential fit.  

They will not waste your time by discussing positions you have no interest in. Good construction recruitment agencies will also offer you an honest assessment of your skills, experience and personality and their value in the marketplace.


When is the best time to use a construction recruitment advisor?

The best time to use a recruitment advisor is while you are already employed. The fact that you are currently employed lessens financial pressures like mortgage and car payments etc., that can tempt you to settle for something less desirable simply because of the money.  

Benefits of being employed when hiring a Construction Recruitment Advisor

In addition, the fact that you are employed tells prospective employers that you are a valuable contributor.


Should I go with a construction recruitment agency based in Canada?

Unless you are specifically looking for work outside of the country, it is best to work with someone who knows the Canadian construction market and has relationships with companies that work there.


Beyond helping find my next job, what can a construction recruitment offer?

A construction recruitment advisor can help you with planning your entire career. The recruitment advisor’s knowledge of what companies are looking for in addition to your stated wants and needs, they can help advise you on the projects and experience you need to get to where you want to be.  

Long-term benefits of Construction Recruitment Agencies


How do I know which recruitment agencies to avoid?

Do your research, talk to friends and trust your gut. If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A trusted construction recruitment advisor is in it for the long term and will not employ the “throw your resume out to everyone and see where it sticks” method in a desperate attempt to make a placement.  

Construction Recruitment Agencies In Toronto

Also, be wary of advisors making promises on position, title, salary etc. The job of a recruitment advisor is to uncover potential opportunities and introduce two parties willing to meet each other. A recruitment advisor can offer advice on opportunities but negotiations regarding job specifics are yours to make.


A relationship that pays dividends

If you develop a relationship with a construction recruitment advisor, it can pay dividends for your entire career.  

Viewed as more than merely a service provider, a trusted advisor can be a partner to help you uncover opportunities, navigate the employment landscape and offer the best chance at long-term career satisfaction. Contact the Construction Recruitment Specialists at Harbinger Network today to see what career opportunities await you!

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