You’re not looking for a job; you’re looking for a career.

It’s a tough market out there for anyone looking for employment opportunities in construction management. But even in the toughest market conditions there are positions available for the professional with the right combination of skills, experience and personality. The challenge is uncovering those positions that are rarely advertised and don’t appear on your general job board.

That’s where Harbinger Network comes in.  

Harbinger Network can work with you to find the perfect career opportunities in construction management positions. Our thirty years’ experience working exclusively in construction means that we know the field inside and out, and we have close ties to many of the best companies in the industry.

Four Ways Harbinger Network Can Help You Find Perfect Construction Management Positions

  1. Direct-Match Evaluations

Harbinger Network is far more than just a construction job board! We work closely with candidates and hiring companies, considering the needs of both and introducing them to each other. We’re much like a match-making service, and our goal isn’t to put you into just any job. It’s to find the best possible matches that meet the needs of both employer and employee.

  1. Preparation and Resume-Building

It’s important that every candidate we present to a client is a solid option for a potential employer – after all, it’s how we’ve built our name as Canada’s top choice for construction-based careers. We work with candidates to help prepare them for interviews and accurately capture their project lists and job experience to present to prospective employers.

  1. Non-Advertised Jobs

Since we work directly with many top construction-sector companies, we aren’t simply mirroring publicly-advertised jobs. Construction companies come to us first, because they know we work hard to find perfect matches for their positions without the “shot-in-the-dark” public-advert process. With Harbinger Network, you’re getting direct access to the best career opportunities currently available.

  1. Extensive Construction Job Board

Looking to self-serve? On any given day, we have dozens of listings on our construction job board, with options across all of Canada. Options include project management, site supervision, estimating, accounting/finance, engineering, HR, and proposal-writing positions.

Harbinger Brings Employers and Applicants Together

Simply put, no other recruitment company in Canada has the same range of experience and connections in the construction industry. No matter what sort of management or back-office construction career you seek, we can make it happen.

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