Toronto– May 29, 2016 Harbinger Network Inc.(HNi) launched an updated website that efficiently connects construction professionals with job opportunities from construction companies across Canada. Harbinger Network recruits for all levels of construction projects, from construction management jobs and executives, to subcontractors. They serve all of Canada including key regions such as Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

The site features a career job board that allows construction professionals to peruse desired careers. The job board combines the convenience of online applications with the industry knowledge of Harbinger Network’s placement professionals. Since many job seekers are currently employed, Harbinger Network ensures that job seekers’ privacy remains protected. The job application process links directly with job seekers’ LinkedIn profiles, providing simple, one-click application submission.

Job seekers can also customize job searches and receive alerts when jobs fitting their preferred descriptions are posted to the job board. Job seekers can then submit their resumes independently for the jobs that they’re interested in.

Those seeking construction management jobs  who prefer additional guidance, can coordinate with Harbinger Network professionals, who can suggest good fits for prospective jobs. Harbinger Network professionals can review each job seeker’s goals and requirements and find appropriate potential jobs.

Founded in 2010 by Tony Labora, the Harbinger Network has grown into an indispensable industry partner. Their new website is the next step in the evolution of the company. The user interface provides a seamless experience from search, to help tools, to placement.

About Harbinger Network Inc.

Harbinger Network Inc. is a networking and job placement company that connects construction professionals with construction management jobs and other positions. Harbinger Network works with clients to connect them with the right employer.

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