With the current boom in construction around North America, there’s also a boom in construction management jobs – but the difficulty lies in finding the right talent.  Experienced construction management specialists are spread across the country, and it can often be difficult matching the right person to the right job..

However, you can be integral to this process!  There is a growing need for employment recruiters in the construction industry.  Even better, this is a career, which people can enter into from a wide range of backgrounds – construction or HR experience is not a prerequisite!

Is becoming a construction employment recruiter in your future?

What a Construction Employment Recruiter Does

Simply put, an employment recruiter is a matchmaker.  On one hand, you’ll have a group of client companies in need of talent.  On the other, you’ll have various construction professionals who are seeking new opportunities.  Your job is to match the right employee to the right job.

Fundamentally, an employment recruiter is a communicator and problem-solver. So, the job role is much more akin to sales than traditional HR work.  You need to be able to match each side to the other, and help them reach an employment agreement, which is beneficial to everyone involved.

The Benefits of Being a Construction Employment Recruiter

Being a construction employment recruiter can be an extremely rewarding job.  After all, it is a service-oriented role.  Your job is to help others further their careers, as well as effectively helping to improve the quality of the construction going on around the country.  It’s a job you can perform knowing that you’re truly making an impact.

Additionally, it can be quite lucrative.  Recruiters are generally paid a base salary as well as a percentage of the agency’s fee.  Those who are hard-working and dedicated to their jobs can really see it pay off!  It’s a situation where you decide how much effort you want to put in, and how much you get out.  There’s really no ceiling to your potential earnings.

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