When professionals come to us looking for construction management positions in Toronto, it’s sometimes with some trepidation. Many of them have never used a recruiting company to find new careers, so it’s understandable that there’d be some misconceptions about what we do and how the process works.

We wanted to briefly clear up some of these ideas.

Common Misconceptions About Using Recruiters to Find Construction Management Positions in Toronto

The applicant does not have to pay fees

This is the one we hear most often: “Do I have to pay for your services?” No, not at all. The companies doing the hiring pay us. As far as you’re concerned, as a construction professional looking for work, we’re providing a free service.

You might even say that you’re helping us as much as we’re helping you. The better the professionals we have on-file seeking work, the better job we can do matching those professionals to the (paying) businesses looking for them!

Using a recruiter does not lower your salary prospects

A lot of people seeking employment don’t understand just how expensive recruitment can be for a company. In fact, the rule of thumb is that they often expect to pay the equivalent of a position’s yearly salary just doing the hiring; and that’s assuming they have sufficient HR staff and resources to do the hiring themselves.

In many cases, we’re a bargain for companies looking to hire. So, using us in no way affects the salary you will earn.

Recruiters are not limited to public job listings

The other misconception we often hear is that a job seeker could do the same employment search for themselves. In reality, a great number of the positions available are never listed through open sources like LinkedIn. A recruiter with a good reputation and network of contacts has access to a large number of jobs that the public never directly hears about.

Besides, we do the work for you.  We can easily match the job seekers in our database to perfect positions, based on knowledge of the working conditions within a particular company.

The Best Choice for Finding Construction Management Positions in Toronto

Harbinger Network is one of the most-respected recruiters of construction management jobs in Ontario, with a vast network of partner companies we work with.

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