When I’m talking to a potential new client looking to do a strategic hire, one of the first questions I ask is; “Did you already tap into your own network?” Most savvy construction professionals can do a quick mental checklist of the people they already know to determine whether someone is a potential fit for the position they are trying to fill. Your knowledge of the business and the person you’re considering will often make that choice clear. But what do you do when you’ve looked inward at your network and the right match just isn’t there? That’s where partnering with a trusted employment advisor can pay big dividends.

Finding the Right Match forConstruction Jobs in Toronto and Canada

For first-time employment agency user, James Wilkinson, Vice President of Construction at Podium Developments, that’s exactly how the conversation went. “Tony’s question to me was whether I had already looked towards my own network,” recalled Wilkinson whose company is firmly rooted in the student housing market. “It was important to me that the right match for the job had to fit in to our well-established, dynamic culture and I realized that I had to look toward a broader network of construction professionals.”

If you don’t already know the right person or don’t have the capacity to do a search (or both as was the case with Podium) a specialist construction recruitment agency like Harbinger Network can act as an enhancement to limited network. Our relationship with professionals across the Canadian and Toronto construction market made it possible to send a diverse group of solid candidates to James. At the same time, meetings with Podium convinced me they were a stable organization with plenty of interesting jobs and opportunities that would be a great fit for the right professional. Because in the end, the key to success for any reputable employment advisor is to make connections that work for both parties.

Harbinger Network Can Help withToronto Construction Recruitment

“Harbinger Network acted like an external HR department and only sent qualified, personable candidates. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about using an agency for my first time but I would use these guys again for a key hire in a heartbeat,” said Wilkinson. Operating in multiple markets throughout Ontario, the rest of Canada and potential international markets, Podium’s needs were specific and complex requiring the outside expertise of Harbinger Network. “Harbinger sent solid, diverse candidates allowing us to hire someone we truly believe fit our needs and culture.”

Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of people you know in the industry, your first move in a strategic hire is to look within. If that initial search doesn’t yield the results you want, consider strategic partnership with a recruitment agency that understands your needs and knows the market  enough to present you with quality candidates. While “partnership” may be just another marketing buzzword to some, in this case, the notion of combining knowledge, abilities and network towards a mutual goal is the very definition.

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