Have you considered looking into construction management positions in Canada for a change of career?  If so, now is a great time for it!  If you have management experience, and an interest in construction, you could almost certainly make the leap into construction management and reap a lot of benefits from it.

Why Construction management careers

Here at Harbinger Network, we specialize in making careers in construction management happen.  We broker employment opportunities on behalf of managers, as well as taking requests from contractors currently looking to hire.  And we can tell you that there is currently a huge demand for managers, with a lot of contractors looking to hire them just as quickly as we can get them into our database.

Right now, there are plenty of reasons to move into construction management and very few downsides.





How You Can Benefit from Construction Management Jobs in Canada

Why move into construction management?  Here are just a few reasons.

  1. A booming market

Construction is a huge business in Canada, seeing growth in virtually every associated sector year after year.  After all, just drive around any major city, and you’ll see projects everywhere.  In fact, it’s the fifth-largest construction sector in the world!  Public works construction is especially strong, with cities expanding and adding services to support their growing populations.

Even better, with Canada’s population growing steadily and the overall economy continuing to do well, there’s no reason at all to think these trends won’t continue .  Short of a major economic upset, Canadian construction is an extremely safe and stable industry to be in – one which will keep desiring more construction workers and managers for years or decades to come.

  1. Excellent compensation

The average salary for a construction executive is $87,586, and that can easily top $150K for proven experienced managers – plus with a good chance for bonuses as well.  That’s well above the average for Canadian salaries in general. Managers who have experience with software tools like Microsoft Project will be able to demand even higher salaries, due to the industry’s current need for more tech-savvy managers to help streamline operations.

Plus, as with the overall market, there’s little reason to think this situation will change any time soon. As long as Canadian construction is booming, the job outlook for construction managers will be great. As you add to your skills, you’ll be able to command higher salaries and move onto increasingly high-profile jobs.

  1. Rapid exciting job advancement

Another byproduct of the booming construction market is that it allows the cream to quickly rise to the top.  The industry is scrambling to hire enough managers.  For those who can genuinely excel in the position, the sky is the limit.  Construction managers who can distinguish themselves with excellent work and well-completed projects will be in huge demand among various construction companies.

And in this modern era, there really are few limits on the size of projects which can be built.  For many construction managers, there’s no need to change their job titles because, for them, job advancement means getting to build something even bigger and more important than their last job.

  1. Leave a mark on your favorite cities

Just imagine being able to point at a skyscraper on the Toronto skyline and say, “I built that!”

Construction is physical.  It’s real.  It means making things that will benefit the city, province, and country for decades to come.  For the best and most experienced managers, it means being able to make a genuine mark on your favorite cities that could last for a century or more.

Few people get to build monuments.  You could be one of them.

How to Succeed with Construction Management Positions in Canada

Does this sound good?  Do you like the idea of being able to make something that truly matters?  If so, you’re probably already a good fit for construction management.  However, here are some of the traits which construction companies are looking for in their managers.  If most of these describe you, you’re golden.

  • Varied communication skills.  Like most management positions, communication skills are what you will rely on – and you’ll have a lot of variety in who you talk to.  Can you chew the fat with a crane operator then go have a business meeting with bankers?  If so, construction management is definitely for you.
  • Problem-solving skills.  No construction project ever goes 100% to plan.  You’ll be surrounded by experts advising you on matters like architectural design and electrical layout, but sometimes, you’re going to have to think outside the box.  Creative thinkers will excel.
  • Technical expertise.  Increasingly Construction has been embracing modern computing and automation technology.  As a result, managers with a high-tech background will be in high demand.  You’ll win jobs if you can show how you’re bringing something new to the table that will streamline operations.
  • Document management skills.   Construction managers deal with a lot of paperwork – which is often coming from a variety of specialty fields.  Being able to read and comprehend many types of documents, and deal with them appropriately, will be a major boon in your construction career.

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