A recruiter can help you find the right job. But,how can you find the right recruiter? Here are some tips to help you find the right recruiter and get the most out of the experience.

How to Choose the Right Recruiter

Finding a good recruiter is equal parts personality fit, industry knowledge and a large network within the industry. First and foremost you should choose a recruiter who you like and you believe will work their hardest to serve your interests. You should also work with a recruitment advisor who knows your industry inside and out and has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening on who is involved. So, how do you find a recruiter with those attributes? Start by asking around. Talk, in confidence, to colleagues, friends and family members and ask for their recommendations. You can also look them up and call to discuss your situation and you will get a feel for whether this is someone you can work with. Remember that you are relying on this person to represent you with potential employers so you must like each other and work well together.

Communication is key

You should do your homework before meeting a recruitment advisor. Have a clear idea about your aspirations and discuss them with your advisor. It’s important that the communication between you and your advisor is honest and realistic so they can find an opportunity that will suit your current needs as well as future ones. Tell them what drives you but also let them know what you don’t like so they find the best possible match.

Your Online Profiles are Important

It is highly likely that the recruitment advisor (and potential employers) will check your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles. Ensure your on-line presence is professional, accurate and up to date. Although it’s ultimately your decision about what to post, social media outlets are looked at by most recruiters and employers so you want their first exposure to you to be a positive one.

Listen to their Advice

If you’re working with a recruiter in the first place it’s likely because you believe they are going to be able to expose you to opportunities you wouldn’t have on your own. With that in mind, listen carefully to their advice as they will be able to prepare you best for an upcoming interview. They know the people they are sending you to and they can tell you what the interviewer will be impressed by and what can be a deal-breaker.

In the end, your relationship with the recruitment advisor is crucial and the more open your discussion, the better your chances at finding that right next step.