For those looking for construction management jobs in Toronto, the goal might be to find and move into that ideal position but there are important considerations regarding the process of the job search that can be vital to success and happiness. During the process of uncovering your options and interviewing with desirable companies, keeping your information and intentions confidential is vital to a positive outcome. When doing the search on your own, you decide who gets your information and who knows that you are looking. However, when you partner with employment advisor, you need to have assurances they will treat your information with the same confidentiality you would on your own. To help guide you in protecting your search, we’re highlighting how to assure confidentiality when seeking construction management jobs in Toronto.

Ask the Employment Agency How They Share Your Information

When working with an agency, ask how they share the resume and project list you provided. What is the internal process they use to determine what potential employer receives that information?. Ask them up front and ensure they check with you first before they share your resume and project list with anyone.  The agency you work with should have a select, targeted group they share your information and avoid making you look desperate by putting your information out there indiscriminately.

Does the Agency Understand the Market?

If your agency specializes in your specific segment, they are more apt to know the best employers and have established relationships that are supported by the need to keep interactions confidential. Do they know the specific manager to talk to or will your resume sit in a fax machine or general email for everyone to see?

Do They Have a trusting relationship with their Partner Companies?

Ethical and reputable Employment Advisors and companies work hard at maintaining a good reputation in the marketplace. Advisors and employers know that confidentiality is extremely important to those seeking a change in their career and will do everything they can to ensure it. In the ‘small world” that is the construction market, many employers know each other and you wouldn’t want a perspective employer to discuss your efforts in securing a new position. Ask why your employment advisor doesn’t represent a particular employer and they will probably tell you that they cannot comfortably release your information and expect it to remain confidential. They do not want a company’s lack of discretion to reflect poorly on them. You should also ask if the agency works with any 3rd party partners that also need to keep your information confidential.

Since trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones of a successful relationship with an employment advisor, they should be able to easily assure that your information is safe. After all, employment advisors without trusted relationships with their partners quickly garner a bad reputation and won’t be in business for long.

By working with our trusted team at the Harbinger Network, you can be assured of full confidentiality during the recruitment process. We’re committed to protecting your information and intentions ensuring you find the ideal position for your future career prospects. To learn more, contact us today!