You’ve heard that expression that looking for a job is a full time job in itself but that doesn’t mean being unemployed and having the time to focus on the job hunt will lead to the construction management career you’re looking for. That’s because unemployment will likely affect your decision-making and will also (rightly or wrongly) affect the way potential employers look at you.

The reality is that most of us need to work. Financial obligations mean that if you’re unemployed, sooner or later you will need to find a job to pay the bills. Faced with that reality, job seekers are much more likely to take a job to help ease financial burdens rather than being selective in what they want. Typically, you cast the widest net possible to land a job, any job.

When you’re gainfully employed however, those same pressures aren’t there and you can be much more selective and targeted in who you approach. What’s more, you’re likely to be less nervous in an interview, more confident about your value in the marketplace and in a better position to negotiate compensation and benefits. Likewise, if you’re working with an employment advisor, they will be better able to make connections with potential employers where they see a true synergy. Maybe there isn’t even an advertised position available but an advisor knows most clients are eager to meet with good people to fill current and future needs. In this situation a good employment advisor will protect your identity and only arrange for meetings with potential employers who meet your standards when you are ready.

Get Connected to the Construction Industry with Specialist Employment Advisors

The construction industry, while large and important to the Canadian economy can also be a tight circle where most of the important players know who is who and where they work. If a project manager, for example, has been with a company for a long time and has worked on high profile and important projects, that’s probably because they are good and valued by their current employer. Conversely, if someone is out of work, the perception is that there’s a reason for that too. Although it maybe unfair, as the saying goes, perception is reality.

So when your inner voice tells you it’s time to investigate other opportunities, begin your career search on your terms while you are in your current job. Find a trusted employment advisor to help you develop a clear direction and make connections with prospective employers from a position of strength.

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