Your first step in finding a reputable construction recruitment agency is to ask trusted friends and colleagues who they would recommend. Recruitment agencies in it for the long-term rely on their hard-earned reputation to find the best candidates and will be known in the industry.


Do Your Research:

The next step is to do an on-line search to see what the recruiter’s website tells you about their organization. This is especially important if you’re looking for a construction management job. Look to see that their focus is on the construction industry so that you don’t end up working with someone who is only interested in the industry in so far as they can make a lucky placement. Ensure there is an actual staff specializing in different areas of construction and not just a lone individual working from their basement.

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Filter out the Good from the Bad:

They should have a physical address and actual recruiters working there. Check to see the construction recruitment agency is involved in industry associations and works to benefit their community. This indicates the agency is in the business for the long term and is working in partnership with the industry and the community in which they operate.

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Ask Questions:

The final step is to call the construction recruitment agency and ask them questions about their process and what you can expect. They should give you assurances of confidentiality and only share your information with your approval. The recruitment agency should also get to know you and your employment goals thoroughly and only suggest introductions to companies which would align with those goals and characteristics.

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Be wary of a recruiter who will email blast your resume to multiple clients without your knowledge potentially exposing you to the wrong opportunity and potentially compromising the confidentiality of your search.


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