At some point in our careers, we are all faced with a difficult situation or have to work with a challenging person. While it may be tempting to remove yourself from that situation and seek happiness elsewhere, there are compelling reasons to try for a resolution before leaving.

Canadian Construction JobsWhile nobody relishes the thought of working in a toxic environment (figuratively speaking) leaving to escape it, isn’t always the best course of action. The first reason is that every workplace has some kind of challenge so leaving one could just put you into another. On the other hand, tackling that situation and resolving it can be highly satisfying and, at the same time, beef up your issue resolution skills for future positions. By their very nature, positions like Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Estimators and other construction management jobs rely heavily on problem solving, issue and personnel management. That’s what you do so why not apply those skills to a situation or person at work you feel is impeding your job satisfaction? Successfully negotiating a satisfactory outcome to a difficult situation will prove to yourself and others that you can identify an issue and work with the appropriate people to resolve it. Obviously, those are skills that are highly sought after.

Secondly, there may be a lot of aspects of your job/employer that you really value and giving those up simply to make a problem ‘go away’ may cause missed opportunity and regret later. You may love the kind of projects you’re working on or have greater opportunity to advance your career but could lose that because of an issue standing in the way.

That’s not to say that there aren’t very valid reasons to leave a job in the face of a difficult situation or person. There are. But it’s only prudent to do your best to resolve a situation first. To make sure you’re looking for a career change for the right reasons, a talk with an experienced Employment Advisor could set your mind at ease and help you plan for the future. A good Employment Advisor will do their best to learn ‘what makes you tick’ and offer some insight about your options. In your discussion, an Employment Advisor may give you tips about resolving issues because they see potential for your career where you are. They may also open your eyes to other options should the problem become unworkable.

In an emotional time facing a challenging situation or person, a trusted Employment Advisor can be your best ally. They can offer good reasons to stay and plan your career from that starting point or they can agree you need to move on and help you with employment options.

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